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About one in three Americans has hypertension, but only around half have their high blood pressure under control. If you have hypertension, Kishwar Shareef MD, PC, in Randolph, New Jersey, provides appropriate monitoring and medical care to promote your lasting health. A board-certified internist, she has more than two decades of experience managing hypertension. To find out more, call today or book a consultation online.

Hypertension Q & A

What is hypertension?

Hypertension is an extremely common condition where the pressure of blood in your blood vessels is higher than it should be. Over time, untreated hypertension may gradually damage these fragile vessels and internal organs. 

What are the symptoms of hypertension?

Hypertension is often called a silent killer because it doesn’t always produce noticeable symptoms. However, there are a few warning signs to look for, such as:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches
  • Nosebleeds

The onset of hypertension doesn’t happen right away, but gradually over time, which is why high-quality preventive care from Dr. Shareef is so important. 

How is hypertension diagnosed?

Your provider determines hypertension using an inflatable cuff called a sphygmomanometer. She places the cuff around your upper arm and inflates it. The cuff briefly compresses your brachial artery, temporarily stopping the flow of blood. 

As air slowly leaves the cuff, your provider records your blood pressure with an electronic monitor or by listening through a stethoscope.

Your provider records your blood pressure as two numbers. The top number is your systolic blood pressure. This is the pressure your blood exerts on the walls of your arteries as your heart beats. 

The bottom number is the pressure exerted as your heart rests between beats. If your blood pressure is normal, these numbers are under 120/80 mm Hg. Readings that are consistently higher than those numbers are a sign of hypertension.

How is hypertension treated?

As a specialist in metabolic medicine, Dr. Shareef discusses making healthy changes to your lifestyle and diet. For example, you may benefit from a weight management program if you're overweight. 

Other healthy changes include:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Avoiding stress
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Limiting your intake of alcohol

Along with making lifestyle changes, Dr. Shareef discusses prescription medications to lower your blood pressure. These medications may help reduce your risk for hypertension-related conditions, such as:

  • Heart failure
  • Stroke
  • Kidney disease or failure
  • Vision problems
  • Sexual dysfunction

When you meet with Dr. Shareef, she discusses whether medications may help your condition and keep your hypertension under control.

Take a step for your lasting well-being today. Call Kishwar Shareef MD, PC, or book an appointment online today to get your hypertension under control.